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Finding Small Business Loans

Finding a small business loan for your company can be a difficult task. Often, new business owners have the misconception that they can take their new business idea into the local banker, and he or she will immediately open the vault to finance the fledgling business. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Traditional banks will only lend to companies that have about 3 years of history and can provide 2 to 3 years of tax returns for both the business and the business owners. Another misconception in regards to business financing is that the government has provided lots of money for new businesses under the Small Business Administration (SBA) program.

This simply is not the case. In fact, getting an SBA backed loan is essentially as hard as getting a traditional loan. In fact, it is the banks that actually administer the SBA financing. In other words, you still go to your bank to get an SBA loan. There is just more paperwork involved because it is a government program.

So, if you are a brand new business, your options are limited. You can self fund your business either through personal savings or loans. You can find investors and usually give up a percentage of your ownership. Or you can go to family and friends and work out an arrangement for them to loan you the money. Although, this has many risks as well, including losing friends and the normal relationship of family if you struggle to repay the loan.

There are also other institutions that will lend to smaller businesses that are the equivalent of payday loans for individuals. These are called Merchant cash advance lenders. They will get you the money fast, but also require a quick turnaround. This is more suited for businesses that are experiencing a temporary short fall of cash.

Overall, there are many sources of financing if you run an established business. However, if you are in startup stage, you will most likely need to use personal funds, family loans, investor backed, or alternative financing.

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