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How To Choose A Bad Credit Personal Loans

Looking for a loan product despite a poor credit rating? You can get a bad credit personal loan if you know where to look and what to offer lenders. With so many individuals having bad credit but still wanting to borrow, banks know they have an audience for more expensive loan products.

Bad credit personal loans can be pretty painful. You'll pay a high interest rate, with high fees if you are late or default. You may have to pay a prepayment penalty, which means if you pay off the loan early, you still have to pay the bank a chunk of the interest in addition to the principal balance. And, you might have trouble without offering some kind of collateral, since an unsecured loan puts the bank in a very precarious position. Still, there are ways to borrow money even with bad credit.

Try to decide beforehand what you want the loan for, so you don't just spend it all without knowing where the cash went. If you don't really need the cash for a specific reason, you might hold off until you have rebuilt your credit and can get better interest rates and terms from a bank. Using the loan for debt consolidation is always a good reason, but only if you then close the credit cards or other debts that the loan pays off - instead of just adding more to your debt burden!

Before you start applying for loans, find the best lender with the most favorable terms. At the bottom of this page we have a list of lenders who offer a wide variety of loan programs to choose from, regardless of your credit. You'll want to look at the fine print too. Ask about these fees and charges:

- Are you paying an up front application fee or processing fee? Is there a fee to pull your credit? - What is the interest rate? What is the APR (annual percentage rate)? Are they significantly different? - Do you have to provide collateral for this loan, or is it unsecured? (How bad your credit is may determine whether the lender needs security or not.) - How long until I have a decision? How long until you disburse the loan funds? - If you turn me down, do you have a related company that can do the loan? Don't just look at the monthly payment, because many hidden fees and charges can be included. Make sure you compare all loan products before you apply with any particular lender - each time you apply for a loan, you will impact your credit score, so keep it to a minimum!

If you get turned down for unsecured credit, you might want to take a month or two and take steps to improve your credit. You can take steps that show results within just couple months.

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